We are a Service NSW registered provider for Back to School & Creative Kids Vouchers

As a Service NSW registered provider for Back to School products and Creative Kids vouchers, you can redeem your voucher(s) with us!

The Back to School NSW Vouchers program provides 3 x $50 vouchers, totalling $150 for each eligible child. The vouchers can be used:

  • Towards the cost of school uniforms, shoes, bags, textbooks and stationery

  • At registered businesses

  • Before 30 June 2023.

  • Applications open in December 2022.

  • Read the program guidelines for more information.

The NSW Government is making it easier for school-aged kids (4.5 to 18 years old) to get involved in creative and cultural activities.

  • Parents, guardians and carers can claim a $50 voucher per year to put towards the cost of lessons and fees with registered providers.

  • It's a great opportunity to let kids find their passion and learn new skills.

  • Vouchers can be used to contribute to registration, participation and tuition costs for visual arts and other creative activities.

  • Click on the link to view our Creative Kids Brain Booster Programs we currently have available.

  • Read the program guidelines for more information.

Please Note: Art kits are sold separately when using a NSW Creative Kids Voucher. All Creative Programs ordered online include FREE Shipping and are dispatched via regular Australia Post.

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