Products and Resources Designed to Foster Growth and Inspire Lifelong Habits for Success

Our Story

  • At Success Kidz we are committed to the personal development and achievement of young people and offer leading products and resources which inspire children to foster and utilise their inner brilliance and excellence.

  • We put a lot of thought into what makes kids happy, the confidence to be themselves, connection to love and belonging, a sense of wonder about and enthusiasm for the natural world, friendships, feeling capable and validated for who they are.

Our Products

  • We love collaborating with our customers and our product range is exclusively designed in South West Sydney and we are known for our innovation, vibrant colours and on-trend graphics.

  • We are building a brand by talking to and listening to other parents about their needs and what they want for their kids. We’re continually adapting and evolving but some things (our core beliefs) will always remain.

  • Successories™ is the go-to-brand for school, lifestyle and stationery product categories for bags, lunchboxes, drink bottles, pencil cases, art and crafts, collectables and more! We celebrate diversity and individual differences by providing a range of styles that, hopefully, offer something uplifting to every child.

Wholesale Enquiries

  • Are you a national or international retailer looking to add Successories to your customer offering?

  • We’re welcoming wholesale enquiries from businesses who uphold and share our brand values. If this sounds like your business, please send your enquiry to: successkidz.au@gmail.com.

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